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Network Rules & Procedures


ARTC have a commitment to the safety of there employees, contractors and customers.

A suite of network rules and procedures apply to our rail network, and these vary from state to state.

Network Information Books

For Network Information Books (NIB) and detailed diagrams on ARTC owned rail corridors and leased interstate mainline standard gauge corridors, please select the appropriate jurisdiction.

Please note that once you have printed any of these documents it is an uncontrolled copy and valid only for the day on which it was printed. Please return to this website to verify content.

The Network Information Books are updated periodically to include changes in our infrastructure, details of these changes are shown in the attached amendments register.

TitleLast Updated
Network Information Books Amendment Register as per ARTC

Yellow = Kalgoorlie-Cootamundra Corridor

Green = Melbourne-Crystal Brook Corridor

Red = Hunter Valley Corridor

Green = Telarah-Acacia Ridge Corridor

Green = Sydney-Craigieburn Corridor



NSW SAFE Notices

SAFE Notices give immediate notice of changes or exceptions to our Network information publications.

SA / WA / VIC Train Notices

Daily Train Notices provide notice of additional train movements or cancellations, out of gauge loading (height, width and running restrictions), level crossing upgrades, track under bores, third party works adjacent to our Network and more. Daily Train Notices are available via WebRAMS.

Operators can apply for an out of gauge train movement on the Interstate South Australian, Victorian and Western Australian Corridors as outlined in Application for Out of Gauge Train Notice Procedure.

Operators wishing to request an out of gauge load movement will complete an an Application for Out of Gauge Train Notice Form at least 2 business days before the intended train movement to allow for assessment. (Additional time should be allowed for more complex assessments and operation in high density traffic corridors.)

Standing Train Notices

Standing Train Notices provide notice of temporary or permanent alterations to our Network.

Route Access Change Notices (RACNs)

RACNs detail all changes to the General Information and Section Pages of our Route Access Standard (RAS). Permanent RACNs are periodically added to the RAS and archived. All current RACNs listed here must be read in conjunction with the RAS.

Train Operating Conditions (TOC) Waivers

Variations to the NSW/QLD Train Operating Conditions (TOC) Manual are published in the form of a TOC Waiver. TOC Waivers detail all changes to the General Instructions and Section Pages of the ARTC TOC Manual, operation of new and modified rolling stock and plant and equipment, and any non-standard working on the NSW/QLD network. The TOC Waivers listed below must be read in conjunction with the ARTC TOC Manual.

Note – We are currently transitioning from the TOC Manual to the Route Access Standard (RAS). TOC Waivers will continue to be issued only for the registration of rolling stock and non-standard working on the NSW/QLD network. Further details are available in TOC Waiver 12475. For section page information, and other information about the track and signals, please refer to the ARTC RAS Manual.

Train Alteration Advices (TAAs)

A TAA is a customer information sheet outlining forecasted potential impacts to train running and some types of ad hoc services. Track work plans, heritage and work trains, and alternations to the MTP are examples of what would be included on a TAA

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